Changelog (Pro Version)


20 Oct, 2021
    ADDED: Date picker custom styles
    ADDED: Wordpress format for date picker field
    UPD: Custom date picker
    UPD: New date picker integrated
    UPD: Refactoring of the conditions logic
    UPD: Checkbox and toggles functionality updated
    NEW: Condition actions added: Select Option, Select Option and disable, Set date, Set date and disable, Set period, Set period and disable
    NEW: Can set period for date picker with range and multi range fields
    FIX: The elements removed from calculator stayed in condition section
    FIX: Required fields validation


30 Aug, 2021
    ADDED: Admin notifications
    UPD: Required option added to Datepicker field


8 Jul, 2021
    FIXED: Calculator displaying in WooCommerce if the product is out of stock
    FIXED: Paypal currency symbol on redirect to Paypal checkout
    FIXED: The number of days is not counted in Date Picker element field
    FIXED: Calculator title is not displayed in WooCommerce cart


26 May, 2021
    FIXED: Date format on Email
    FIXED: Captcha v2 does not work
    FIXED: Export/Import Calculators Condition bug
    FIXED: Multi-range is not displaying for Second Calculator on the same page


13 Apr, 2021
    FIXED: WooCommerce Cart Product Settings


A new feature for WooCommerce has been integrated. Now you can add a calculator to all WooCommerce products in any category, so there is no need to manually insert the calculator to the product page. The customer will see a full price right on the product page, which will increase the conversion rate by eliminating unexpected additional charges at checkout.
7 Apr, 2021


23 Mar, 2021
    FIXED: Calendar Datepicker issue on Safari
    FIXED: Deleting Calculator Product from Cart issue


15 Mar, 2021
    UPD: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
    FIXED: PayPal redirect issue
    FIXED: Contact Form after submitting bugs
    FIXED: WooCommerce conflict when multiple Users add the item to the cart at the same time


24 Feb, 2021
    UPD: Security update


26 Jan, 2021
    NEW: Hover effect settings added for Submit button (Customizer)
    NEW: Stripe Strong Customer Authentication (3D Secure)
    FIXED: Datepicker OK button appearance
    FIXED: Condition link appearance in dashboard
    FIXED: Set value action delay (Conditional system)
    FIXED: HTML & Line elements disappear after set conditions to these elements
    FIXED: Toggle to Drop Down condition bug
    FIXED: Stripe 'Public key' typo


7 Jan, 2021
    UPD: Watermark 'Powered by Stylemix' is not visible when the PRO plugin activated


4 jan, 2020
    UPD: Condition data refactoring and restructure
    FIXED: Issue with saving big calculators fixed
    FIXED: Conflict with themes' jQuery scripts solved
    FIXED: Enqueue script order changed


14 Dec, 2020
    NEW FEATURE: Required fields feature added (for Checkbox, Dropdown, Radio, Quantity, and Toggle elements)
    FIXED: Preview option for calculators with conditions
    FIXED: Default value wasn't applied when conditions added
    FIXED: Minor bug fixes


23 Nov, 2020
    ADDED: Dashboard announcements added
    ADDED: Affiliate SDK


10 Nov, 2020
    Added: Google reCAPTCHA v3.
    Added: Switcher for Google reCAPTCHA.
    Added: Customizer for header titles.
    Improved Calculator responsiveness.
    Fixed: Lodash version conflicts.
    Fixed: Conflicts with Lazy Loading plugin.
    Minor bug fixes.


3 Nov, 2020
    CF7 message body conflict with symbols fixed. (*pro)
    Save custom styles bug fixed.
    Range field conflict with id fixed.
    Minor bug fixes.


10 Oct, 2020
    Added: Stripe currency format.
    Can’t translate text ‘Submit’ fixed.
    Html field bug fixed.
    Duplicate calculator bug fixed.
    Checkbox color bug fixed.
    PHP 7.4 errors fixed.


28 Sep, 2020
    Support Page Integrated.


31 Aug, 2020
    Bug with Stripe payment fixed.


17 Aug, 2020
    Bug with Stripe payment fixed.


21 Jul, 2020
    Refactoring done


3 Jun, 2020
    Checkboxes with the same value bug fixed
    Horizontal Calculator displaying issue fixed


27 May, 2020
    Currency bug fixed
    Checkbox calculation bug fixed
    Minor bug fixes


25 May, 2020
    Conditional System added
    Form Data bugs fixed
    Duplicate Calculator bug fixed
    Import/Export calculators bug fixed
    Minor bug fixes


15 May, 2020
    Shortcode copy field added
    Textarea new line bug fixed
    Minor bug fixes


1 May, 2020
    Submit button text field added
    Stripe ID bug fixed
    Minor bug fixes


28 Apr, 2020
    Calculator Send data bugs fixed
    Minor bug fixes


23 Apr, 2020
    NEW: Redirect Payment after Submitting Form
    PayPal redirect bug fixed
    Minor bug fixes


17 Mar, 2020
    One click demo import/export
    Currency settings bug fixed
    Radio button not clickable bug fixed
    Minor bug fixes


16 Mar, 2020
    Remove !important from inline styles
    Minor bug fixes


11 Mar, 2020
    Calculator Customize View feature added
    Decimals problem fixed
    Minor bug fixes


17 Jan, 2020
    Minor bug fixes


2 Dec, 2019
    Hide/Show descriptions
    Checkboxes problem fixed
    Minor bug fixes


15 Nov, 2019
    Calculator Vertical View added
    Date field added
    Minor bug fixes


16 Sep, 2019
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