WC Vendors
WC Vendors is the next Multivendor Plugin that can be used by e-commerce websites. WC Vendors is pretty similar to Dokan plugin as both of them are intended to complete the same functionality.
Features of WC Vendor has the Woocomerece plugin integration. Moreover, there are huge amount of possibilities for vendors as they can enrich their own media, sell the products and export the data as CSV files, vendors have their own accounts. However, shipment opportunities are limited. It can be either free shipment or vendors can use third parties. Further, the WC Vendors is integrated with WPML, it allows the vendors to switch the language.
Here you can find more information about WC Vendors Marketplace plugin and its configurations - https://docs.wcvendors.com/.
To install the WC Vendors Marketplace follow the steps below:
1. Navigate to Appearance and click Install Plugins:
2. When you click Install Plugins the following page will open. Here, click Install as shown on the screen:
3. After the installation process will end you should activate the plugin. Here, Activate the plugin and success, you can now use the Dokan plugin.
4. After activating the WC Vendors, click to Run the Setup Wizard button. Here you can setup Rates, Vendor pages, etc. You can just click Next button if you want to have default settings.
Success, the WC Vendor plugin is ready to use.
The WC Vendor will look as following:
The Settings Page will look as following:
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