Theme Customization
You can perform general customization of the eLab Theme by going to Dashboard > Theme Options (just as you would normally do for any other theme). Here, you can set up the following:
  • General site settings such as logo; default visualization options; Google API credentials, etc.
  • Header and Footer for your pages.
  • Colors scheme.
  • Typography settings.
  • Page and archive pages options.
  • MailChimp API credentials.
  • Shop layout options.

General Theme Options

Here you can set up global website settings such as site content width, global sidebar and its position, Google Map API, Promo Popup banner and Preloader options.

Header settings

If you want to change your website header appearance and settings, you need to go Dashboard > Theme Options > Header section. There are options for selecting the header styles, site logo/icon and title, enabling WooCommerce buttons, a list of categories, setting up iconboxes.

Global Page Settings

You don’t need to edit every single page and disable title or sidebar manually. You can go to the Dashboard > Theme Options > Page section and enable/disable the title and sidebar of your pages globally.

Setting the General Color Scheme for your Website

With the eLab Theme, you can specify a basic color scheme for your website. You can create your own custom color scheme by defining a primary color, a secondary color, a third color and a site background color. To specify the Color Scheme click on Dashboard > Theme Options > Style in the WordPress menu.
Furthermore, the Style section contains typography settings such as body and headings font family, color, font size, etc.

Setting Up the Footer

You can customize the look-and-feel of the footer by changing a background color, a text color and links color. You can also control the width of footer columns as well as copyright text. To set up or customize the footer of your web pages: Click on Theme Options > Footer in the WordPress menu.
Note: If you want to have multiple footers, you can specify what information should be shown in the different footers by going to Appearance > Widgets and dragging widgets into the different Footer areas.

Social Networks

You can set links to your social network profiles in the Theme Options > Socials section

MailChimp Settings

In order to use a subscribe form in the theme, you need to set up Mailchimp list ID and API key in the Theme Options > MailChimp section.

Setting Up the Archive Pages

You can add background images to archive pages of WordPress such as 404 page, category page, tags page and search page. To set up the background images click on Theme Options > Archive pages.

Blog Page Settings

You can set up the global style for your blog page in this section. There are 3 styles are available for a blog page.
Blog Style 1 outcome:
Blog Style 2 outcome:
Blog Style 3 outcome:

Shop Page Settings

For setting up the global options of your shop page, you need to go to Theme Options > Shop. You can set up shop banner style, product hover style, products view styles, shop page and single product styles as well as a number of products per page.