Types of Posts

The eLab Theme comes with three built-in types of posts that are useful for multiple websites. The following table lists the various types of posts available:
Testimonials - Displaying testimonials from satisfied customers or clients. Portfolio - Displaying portfolio of your cases. Banners - Displaying advertisement banners for the shop.

Adding Testimonials

Testimonials are important for strengthening the credibility of your organization. You can easily add Testimonials using a custom post type of Testimonials
To add Testimonial posts:
1. Click on Testimonials > Add New in WordPress dashboard menu

Displaying Testimonials on Other Pages or Posts

Once you have created the Testimonial posts, you can display them all over the site by just inserting a X Builder Testimonials element.
To display the testimonials on the website:
1. Add the X Builder Testimonials element on any page or post where you want to display the testimonials.