Video Uploads

Instructors can use video content for video lessons.

For video type lessons instructors can use video files that they can upload directly to the website.

Please note: the load speed can be decreased after video upload depending on your server, check your parameters.

*We recommend you use CDN to improve the site speed and performance if you are planning to upload large video files.

In LMS Settings > Course you need to enable “Allow instructors to upload video files to video lessons” option, so instructors could upload videos directly to the lessons.

Now, create a new lesson or select from the list of existing and move to the lesson settings.

Important: The video upload is only active for Video Type lessons. Don’t forget to specify the lesson type.

Under the Lesson Video section just click on Choose File to select the file from your computer and upload it to the lesson.

The process is similar for both backend and frontend course builder.

Using the frontend course builder, just open the Curriculum, select the lesson to edit and open Lesson settings.

Smart video player: students can continue watching the video from the point they stopped before, so even returning to the lesson day after they still can continue from the minute they left.