Actions & Hooks

Here is a list of our Actions and Hooks for developers:

  • do_action('stm_lms_user_registered', $user_id);

    - Fires when user registered on site;

  • do_action('add_user_course', $user_id, $course_id);

    - Fires when course added to user;

  • do_action('stm_lms_lesson_passed', $user_id, $lesson_id);

    - Fires when user completed lesson;

  • do_action('stm_lms_quiz_' . $status, $user_id, $quiz_id, $progress);

    - Fires when quiz finished. Available $status - failed and passed;

  • do_action('stm_lms_assignment_' . $status, $student_id, $assignment_id);

    - Fires when user assignment was checked by Instructor. Available $status - passed and not_passed;

  • do_action('stm_lms_certificate_generated', $user_id, $course_id);

    - Fires when user downloading course certificate (Certificate couldn't be downloaded without minimum course progress);

  • do_action('stm_lms_progress_updated', $course_id, $user_id, $progress);

    - Fires when Course Progress changes