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How to change the theme layout
To quickly change the theme layout, you may use the WP Reset Plugin.
The plugin easily resets the site’s database to the default installation values. Any of your files won’t be modified. It only deletes all customizations and content, or just some separate parts like theme settings.
We recommend creating a snapshot before doing a reset. You can find the Snapshot button right next to the reset button. This step will only take 10 seconds to finish. And if you need to undo the reset, you can simply restore the snapshot.

Installation of the plugin

To install the WP Reset plugin, follow the Plugins menu from your dashboard, and click on Add New.
Use the search field to find the WP Reset plugin
Click Install and wait until the installation is finished. Once installed Activate the plugin

Changing the layout using WP Reset

Use the Tools menu to open WP Reset (Tools > WP Reset)
On the page of WP Reset plugin, you can find all related information, including plugin tools and options, the difference between free and Pro versions, and other useful data.
To change the layout you have on the website open WP Reset (Tools > WP Reset) Go to the Reset section and scroll the page down to the Site Reset section.
From the options available:
  • Reactivate current theme - MasterStudy
  • Reactivate WP Reset plugin
  • Reactivate all currently active plugins you need to select the option Reactivate the current theme - MasterStudy. We also recommend selecting the option Reactivate WP Reset plugin, so you don’t have to reactivate it manually.
Type “reset” in the field provided and click Reset Site.
After that, you need to reactivate the theme and you will be able to import a new demo.
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