Theme Customization

WordPress Customize allows you to setup the general styling of the website visually. In WordPress menu go to Appearance > Customize. Here you can setup most important options of your theme.

Site Settings:

  • Static Front Page: You can select default Front and Blog pages here.

  • Logo & Title: You can setup basic site options like: Site title, Tagline, Logo & its dimensions and Favicon.

  • Style: There are Color Skins and default Layout options. Here you can select one of one of the basic color schemas or set your custom colors, enable/disable Boxed version and show/hide Frontend Customizer.

  • Typography: Set up the fonts out of free google fonts. Besides this you can setup font weight, font size and line height also.

  • One Click update: You need add Your Envato Username and Envato API Key (Theme Purchase code ) in order to auto update your theme.


  • Main settings: You can enable/disable Header background & Sticky menu and your company contact information.

  • Top Bar: Here you can enable/disable Top Bar & WPML Switcher and add your company office addresses, contact information, working hours and Top Bar background color.

  • Header Socials: You can enable/disable Header Social buttons here.


  • Inventory settings: You can select Listing archive page, Filter Position, add/change Title background, Listing archive page Title and enter your Price currency. Besides this here you can enable/disable main Car features for archive page.

  • Single Car Settings: Here you can enable/disable main sections/features of Cars for a Car detail page.

  • Compare: It’s possible to select Compare page here.

Blog: Choose blog page layout, sidebar and its position. Also you can enable/disable excerpts.

Shop: You can select sidebar and its position for your Shop page here.


  • Main settings: Here you can change the footer background color, the copyright text and split the footer into widgets. Besides this you can enable/disable Copyright Socials.

  • Additional Scripts: You can put your additional scripts like analytics, counter etc.

Socials: You can add your company social URLs here.

Socials Widget: Here is possible to choose socials for Socials Widget.

Recaptcha: Here you can enter your Recaptcha API and enable it. You can read more about this API here -

Menus: You can add/edit menus here

Widgets: You can set up the widgets into the precreated areas. You can do the same later Appearance > Widgets.

Custom CSS: Here you can add your custom styles.