Frontend Listing Creation

To add a new list, you must first create an account. Create a new account with an available user role.

After registration, you will be redirected to this page. Here you can view the payment history, your plans, or you can add a new list with available list types, or you can buy a new plan. Now by default, there will be a simple user role with one free listing limit. But you can create other user roles from the admin dashboard if you purchased for User Role Add on.

Now we will add a new listing for the Building Listing Type. To create a new list, click the Add Listing button.

Here you need to select the type of listing. Select building type.

Fill in all the requirements fields here. If you have completed all the requirements fields, click the "Create" button

After creation, click on the “My Listing” button to see your listings.

If you click on the buy plan button, those tariff plans that you created from the tariff plans will appear here

If you click the "Buy Package" button, all available payment methods will appear here. Then you can safely pay for the pricing plan.

After successful payment all your pricing plans will appear here.

If you want to see information about the pricing plan, you can click on the details button from the table. On the tab, click on the payment history, and here you can see your payments for pricing plans

If you want to edit your listing, just click the "Edit" button.

After clicking the edit button, the listing edit page will open.

Here edit the information about your listing, then click the update button.