uListing Compare

Here you can watch a video tutorial about uListing Compare Addon:

uListing Compare is a paid add on to our free powerful plugin for creating a business listing site. This addon allows creating a compare between two or more different listings. For example, if user is in need of a new apartment and he can’t choose between two similar ones, he can choose both of them and compare their price, area, number of bedrooms and more.

After you have purchased our add-ons, you can upload this here.

Click the Install Now button to install the add-ons.

After installation, click the "Activate plugin" button to activate the uListing compare add-on.

Here, after activation, enter your license key to activate the license. Before adding the uListing compare add-on, when we tried to add a new attribute for the comparison section, we had this screen on which you cannot add attributes for the compare section.

But now this function is unlocked, here you can use any attributes in the compare section.

uListing Compare gives you big flexibility on comparing attributes. uListing itself is a very powerful and free plugin! But Compare gives you a truly great addition to its features!