In the X Builder editor, you should drag to the working canvas from the bar in the right section, to add a content element or inner row to your page.

Additionally, you can click on the “plus” icon inside columns to open the content element section menu. From that element menu, you should drag an element to the active column.

Element Settings

You are allowed to edit, copy, and remove the content elements. Just hover your mouse pointer over the needed element are in order to display element control buttons.

Element settings are divided into several tabs – Settings, Design, Parallax. There is an additional Typography for elements which contain text. Options in the Settings tab depends on the element type.

Tip. See Design Settings in order to read the detailed overview of the Design tab.

Parallax tab contains field to set a Parallax Speed value. This option enables a parallax effect to elements

Inner Row

Inner Row element allows inserting a row inside a column for building more complex page layouts. Inner Row contains similar settings like Row. To open Inner Row settings, hover your mouse pointer over the inner Row area and click on Edit button.

Note. It isn’t allowed to insert the Inner Row element inside the Inner Row.

In addition, you can edit column settings inside the Inner Row element. That column settings are similar to the main Column settings.

Tip. See Column Settings to review instructions regarding column settings.