Image Element

You can add a single image to your content via Image element. There is a list of feature that Image element includes:

  • Add Image - upload an image to the element

  • Image Width – set an appropriate width to an image

  • Image Height – set an appropriate height to an image

  • Image Align – control alignment of an image (left, right, center);

  • Image Style – set style to an image (normal, rounded with shadow)

  • Design – apply design settings;

  • Parallax – enable parallax effect;


Create custom banners and display them on any page of your website via Banner element.

Banner element includes these settings:

  • Banner Title - put title of your banner

  • Banner Link – add a custom link in banner

  • Banner Subtitle – type subtitle of your banner

  • Banner Title Max width – set max width to title

  • Banner Subtitle Max width – set max width to subtitle

  • Banner Content Max width – set max with to content

  • Banner Min Height – set default min height to banner

  • Text Editor – add content to your banner

  • Button Title – text label of banner button

  • Position order – select predefined order of banner items

  • Banner Overlay – set overlay color to banner

  • Typography – set up font styles of banner items

  • Design – apply design settings

  • Parallax – enable parallax effect


Element for displaying logos of popular brands, logos of partners, etc. in carousel mode. Within Brands element settings you can add unlimited amount of logo images.

Options that Brands element includes:

  • Grid View - displays logos in two columns grid (disables carousel)

  • Image Field – add logo image and a link

  • Design – apply design settings

  • Parallax – enable parallax effect

Hint Images

Element displays images in masonry grid style. Also, you can add hint text to images that displays with images. Options that Hint Images element includes.

  • Image Field - add image to masonry grid

  • Hint text – click on the added image to enter a hint text

  • Design – apply design settings

  • Parallax – enable parallax effect