Menu page options

Now after update the menus on Bon Appetit you have 2 ways of creating menus. Either you create menu items as Custom Post types named Dishes.

And then all you have to do is insert the Module into the Page.

The settings for the module are

1) Here you choose how your menus page would look. You have 4 main options:





When you choose the Default view, you have Options to choose whether to show it as a plain list or as tabs or as columns – and choose the number of columns.

2) You can enable or disable the anchor navigation in the menus depending on if your page is too long to be convenient to scroll through.

3) You can limit the number of dishes to show in order that all the columns or grids would show equal if you like that.

4) Sometimes you need to create a brief version of your existing menu for that you can set tags for the needed dishes and then filter them on the page by the tag.

The other way is static Menu is created as a page by means of Visual Composer, basically, it is one type of shortcodes which you can add on any page, you are looking for an element called “Dish”.

So basically, you just create a bunch of dishes – which are menu items that are placed under Headings – which are menu categories.

This section has now been updated, all menu display options have been now separated into independent modules, so now you insert Dishes- tabs, or dishes – anchor list as a module.

Each module has settings on separate tabs: number of columns and number of the dishes

Filter by tags

Sorting options for the dishes you are outputting on the page:

And ordering option for categories on the page if there are any, you just need to insert id numbers for each category. In the bottom, you have an option to filter by just one category.

We made this update based on recommendations from our dearest customers! Thank you for your insights! We hope we made the theme more convenient for you to use!