The theme arrives well-packed with a number of shortcodes allowing you to add styled content to your site with very little effort. Conveniently, the available shortcodes have been included in a one-click menu. When creating a page or post, click one the puzzle piece icon to reveal a list of shortcodes. Choose the functionality you wish to include and just click on it in the popup with options in it.

Visual Composer is based on Shortcodes. So you can Add element to the content and apply styles you need.

If you would like to insert the shortcodes inside the Post or Page content block, you can see the list of shortcodes. All of them are styled by us, but the ones we made from scratch are under STM extensions tab

Again, thank you for purchasing this theme!

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this document, feel free to pose them in the dedicated support forum at‚Äč