11 Aug, 2021

  • ADDED: One Click Paypal checkout

  • ADDED: Displaying shipping option in the side cart

  • ADDED: Coupons application feature in the side cart

  • ADDED: Related Products feature that displays the related items to the purchasing one

  • ADDED: Fly to cart animation

  • ADDED: Notifications on adding/updating/deleting products

  • ADDED: Additional styling options

  • FIXED: Products with variables were not adding to the Store page

  • FIXED: Wrong subtotal counting when adding multiple products to the cart

  • FIXED: Minor frontend bugs and style fixes


22 Mar, 2021

  • FIXED: Minor bugs and style issues


12 Mar, 2021

  • ADDED:Add to Cart button” option

  • ADDED:Ajax remove item from cart” option

  • ADDED: “Changing product quantity in side cart” option

  • ADDED: “Header icon” option

  • ADDED: “Header close icon” option

  • ADDED: “Remove item icon” option

  • ADDED: “Footer buttons border radius” option

  • ADDED: “Basket counter status” option

  • ADDED: “Basket counter box shadow” option

  • UPDATED: Default options and style settings

  • FIXED: Redirecting to empty page if not installed WooCommerce

  • FIXED: Side cart opening on the shop page

  • FIXED: Minor bugs and style issues


10 Mar, 2021

  • First Version of the StickyWooCart – Ajax Add to Cart for WooCommerce plugin.