Online Courses

In the BeTop theme, you can also create and sell your courses thanks to MasterStudy LMS Plugin integration.

The Masterstudy LMS plugin - Learning Management System plugin is the most powerful WordPress LMS Plugin for online courses. The plugin is full of various tools for building online courses and is very easy to use.

In the Masterstudy LMS plugin, the lessons can be provided in such formats as text lessons, video lessons and slideshow lessons. Also, via the built-in message system, the students and teachers can exchange messages that make their communication easier.

Use the advanced quizzing function to consolidate the acquired knowledge of your students. And track the students' achievements via porweful admin panel.

Moreover, advanced payment integrations as Stripe, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Offline payment makes course monetization a breeze.

There more features are available on the MasterStudy plugin PRO version that are very helpful in building online learning platform. On the plugin introduction page read more about PRO plugin possibilities.

To further explore the plugin's capabilities, please visit the plugin documentation.

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