How does this plugin work?

Motors VIN Decoder plugin helps to make a safe and informed decision when buying a vehicle by eliminating possible problems. Motors VIN Decoder plugin is an elegant WordPress tool that allows using a vehicle identification number (VIN) to decode that can be found on six well-known VIN Decoder Provider Services: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Marketcheck, Vin Audit,, Databases of the Ministry of Transportation of Israel, Clearvin.

Motors VIN Decoder plugin has a free version and a pro version with some additional premium features. You can review them on the Free Version and Pro Version page of this manual.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vin Decoder Service is available in both free and pro versions of the Motors VIN Decoder plugin.

Marketcheck, Vin Audit,, Databases of the Ministry of Transportation of Israel, Clearvin Vin Decoder Services are available only in the pro version of the Motors VIN Decoder plugin.

You will choose your best suitable option among these Vin decoder providers and use their service with a help of Motors VIN Decoder plugin. After activating one of these services, you can decode the VIN number of vehicles by getting an API key accordingly to the chosen VIN Service. The main goal of this plugin is to be an intermediary between various Vin decoder providers with your website so that you can make their services available on your website pages.

The plugin supports almost all the automotive brands & manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Hyundai, Volvo, Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, Jeep, Honda, Mitsubishi, and many more.

Plugin Features

Motors Vin Decoder Plugin has three main features that are developed for users to go deeply into finding car data. They are the following:

  • Vehicle Specifications - gives full information about vehicle details like the make, model, year, plant country, vehicle type, engine data, fuel type, transmission, configuration, and much more

Motors VIN Decoder Free version is enough to get the vehicle specifications in ease.

  • Vehicle History Data - gives the history report of the vehicle with a stolen, accident, and the odometer information

You should buy the Motors Vin Decoder Pro version to get the history report feature. This plugin works with Vin Audit and Services to give the car history data.

  • Autocomplete feature integrated with Motors theme - one of the cool and automatic features of this plugin which gives you a great opportunity to easily match and categorize the listings of a car or car accessories.

Motors VIN Decoder Plugin is an independent plugin. However, it can be used with the Motors theme to add extra functionalities to it.

You should install the Motors theme first before installing Motors VIN Decoder Plugin.

Motors theme provides additionally many awesome plugins to free and among those plugins, there is also Motors - Car Dealership, Classifieds & Listings plugin that allows you to match your listings options with the API options with VIN Decoder Services in an automatic and a fast way.

You can review more about the autocomplete feature on the Integration with Motors theme page in the proper section.

What is the VIN number?

VIN is a unique code, a 17-digit number that is used by automotive services to track recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts, and insurance coverage for an individual vehicle. It is listed on a small tag, usually located on the driver’s side of the dashboard, visible when looking through the windshield from outside.

The VIN number isn’t just a random string of numbers and letters. Each digit or group of digits refers to something about the vehicle’s manufacture or design.

  • Characters 1-3 identifies the car manufacturer.

  • Characters 4-8 outline the vehicle model, body style, engine type, and more.

  • Character 9 is a code completed by the manufacturer to confirm the accuracy of the VIN number.

  • Character 10 indicates the model year of the vehicle.

  • Character 11 reveals which plant assembled the car.

  • Characters 12-17 is the car’s serial number (for high-volume manufacturers).

Why is VIN important?

There are a number of scenarios in what ways the VIN number is essential that we will discuss below:

  1. If you want to buy a used car - Dealerships and car-buying websites provide vehicle history reports that you need to know before buying it. This report is taken by a VIN number.

  2. If you want to know if a car has any recalls - really crucial if your car’s manufacturer has issued any safety recalls or if a car you’re considering buying has any major recalls

  3. If your car is stolen or failed in an accident - It’s a good idea to have your VIN decoded in case your car (parts of your car) is stolen or faced with an accident.

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