The Vincario VIN Decoder service is available in the Motors VIN Decoder Pro version of the plugin

About Vincario VIN Decoder Service can decode make, model, model year, body, trim, engine, transmission, and other car parts in Europe, the US as well as on other markets. It is really elegant that VIN service provides a car history report also. According to statistics, served almost 27 million decoded VINs, roughly 5 thousand stolen found cars and it has many users worldwide close to 6 million.

To get API keys to decode a number of VINs refer to Vincario global VIN decoder official website and log in.

After activating the Motors VIN Decoder Pro plugin, each customer is required to set an account in the Vincario VIN Decoder platform and buy their service and the platform will provide the API key with API secret key

How to set up the Vincario VIN Decoder in the plugin

In order to set up the Vincario VIN Decoder settings in our plugin, you will need the API key for specification and the API Secret key for a specification. To take these two keys, log in to their platform with your password and buy their service to get those keys. There are different pricing plans, due to your status choose one of them.

You can review the Vincario VIN Decoder Service pricing plans in their API section.

The following steps should be taken to set up Vincario VIN Decoder Service:

  1. Go to the VIN Decoder Specification Providers section in the plugin, then go to Settings:

2. Enable API method Make Default button and insert your API key as well as API Secret key for a specification.

3. After inserting two necessary keys, click the Save Changes button

4. Insert the plugin's specific shortcode [stm_motors_vin_decoders] into the desired page and begin to use the Vincario VIN Decoder Services

You can review how to use a shortcode in the Insert Shortcode Into Page section of this manual.

Sample Example

You can use any theme to check how the Motors VIN Decoder Plugin is working independently. As an example, we used a simple WordPress plugin Twenty-twenty theme.

Let's see the example of the car detailed information using VinCario VIN Service:

After inserting the shortcode into some desired page, you can see the VIN input field to apply the process

Enter a VIN number as you wish and click apply:

Here is the result of Vin info of vehicle due to VINCARIO VIN Service:

Vincario VIN Decoder Service also provides the History data with more information about a car like a price, odometer, stolen info:

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