Vincario Vehicle History data Vehicle History Data - gives the history report of the vehicle with a stolen, accident, and the odometer information. Vin history provider is a default history service of Motors Vin Decoder Pro plugin.

The Vincario VIN Decoder service with history data is available in the Motors VIN Decoder Pro version of the plugin

To use the Vincario history service, your default VIN-Decoder Specification Provider must be Vincario service too.

Go to Motors Vin Decoder Pro > VIN-Decoder History providers section

There you can see two History Providers: Vin Audit and

Go to Settings:

Insert the API and API secret keys for a specification, Make VIN Eu Service as a default service and click the button Save Changes:

After saving this service's settings, you should add an STM Vin History widget into your vehicle which you want to appear with the history data in the navigation bar of that page.

You can review how to add an STM VIN Widget in the proper section of the Integration with the Motors theme page.

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