Google Calendar API

The Google Calendar add-on allows linking the plugin to the Google Calendar. The Bookit plugin interacts with the Google Calendar through Google Calendar API that the appointments in the Bookit plugin transfer to the Google Calendar.

It is required to get a Client ID and Client Secret key from the Google Developers website: to synchronize Google Calendar events to the addon.

Google Developers is the special website for software development tools and platforms, APIs, and technical resources.

App creation preparation

If you visited the Google Developers website for the first time, it is necessary to make a registration and agree on Google's Terms and Services.

Afterward, click the Select a project button from the upper-left corner of the site.

On the opening modal, select the New Project.

The Project name should be entered and the location can be left with No organization as a default.

Afterward, you will be forwarded to the Dashboard of APIs & Services. Go to the OAuth consent screen menu.

Select the External User Type and click the Create button.

It is required to go through four steps of registration in the OAuth consent screen menu.

In the first step, fill up all the required fields according to your domain information.


If you upload the company's logo to the appropriate field, it requires verification from Google. It means that Google checks all the provided app details and this process may take some time.

On the Authorized domains section, enter the domain's name and developer contact email.

In the second step, the Scopes can be added or removed. Scroll down and click the Save and Continue button after making changes.

In the third step, the testing users can be added to test the app. Click the Save and Continue button after making changes.

In the fourth step, the summary of the entered information displayed to check its correctness.

Scroll down and click the Back to Dashboard button.

By default, the app is created with the Testing status. By clicking the Publish App button, the app will be publishing, and the status changes to In Production.

The below-listed Google verification conditions should be provided in case if you uploaded your logo to push your app to production.


Go to the Library and type the Google Calendar API on the searching field.

Select the Google Calendar API and Enable the calendar integration.


Afterward, go to the Credentials menu to add a new credential.

Press the Create Credentials button.

On the opening modal, select OAuth client ID.

Select the Web application as the Application type.

Any name can be inserted into the Name field to identify the OAuth web client.

Copy the Redirect URI link taken from the Bookit plugin's path of Dashboard > Settings > Google Calendar and paste it to the Google's Authorized redirect URIs field.

After pasting the URI, click the Create button.

Afterward, the OAuth client creation confirmation pops up, providing a unique Client ID and Client Secret.

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret and paste to the Bookit plugin's path of Dashboard > Settings > Google Calendar.


To make Google calendar work properly and synchronize appointments properly it is required to set the time zone in WordPress general settings in UTC format. For example if you live in New York the time zone should be selected as UTC -5.

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