Email Templates

Email templates allow you to prepare email notifications for various activities on the website. You can adjust the message template of the following activities:

  • New Appointment - when a new appointment is created

  • Appointment Updated - when the particular appointment is updated after request

  • Payment Complete - when the payment for an appointment is successfully finished

  • Appointment Status Changed - when the user requests to change the appointment status

  • Delete Appointment - when an appointment is deleted

You can set up the templates for both admin and customers. Just Enable Customer Notifications and Admin Notifications.

Email notifications can be created for the New Appointment, Appointment Updated, Payment Complete, Appointment Status Changed.

For each template, you can specify the Subject and Message body. Admin notification also allows you to include Recipients. There are various shortcodes provided that you can add to the message content.

Click on the shortcode to add to the message.

Below is the example of an email that will receive the website admin and a staff member that admin added as a recipient:

And an example of the email that a customer receives after booking an appointment:

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