To set up the calendar follow to BookIt Calendar > Settings.

On the settings screen, you can find different tabs for different options.


General Settings allow you to select the Booking type and customize your calendar.

Here you can select the Calendar Theme. Choose the option you want from the dropdown menu.

Now you can use only the Default theme. We are currently developing more options that will be available with future updates of the plugin.

You can specify the Booking Type. There are two options available: Registered or Guest.

Registered allows your customers to book appointments under their own user account. If not authorized, the booking will require to enter the password.

Guest booking simply asks for a Name and Email Address to book an appointment. No WordPress user is created, no password is required to submit the booking.

Select the appropriate option from the dropdown.

Customization options

You can customize your calendar. To do so you need to enable the option Use Custom Colors.

This allows changing the Base Color, Base Background Color, Highlight Color, White Color, Dark Color.

Click on the color you want to change and select the color.

Reset all the changes by clicking on the Reset button.

You can also Hide Calendar Header Titles. To hide the titles just enable this option.

Calendar with the header title:

Calendar with no title (when Hide Calendar Header Titles is enabled):