Data Validation
While booking an appointment, users must fill the required fields correctly due to the data validation rules. Admin of website should also the data validation rules while creating a new service, a new category, a new customer, a new staff. Now, we will show examples for each data one by one and it will help to fill the booking forms correctly with valid data.

Name of Customer should be more than 3 characters & less than 25 characters when you want to create a new staff or register a new customer:

Phone numbers should not be less than 9 characters, it may include "+"/"-" signs. But the rejected symbols for the phone numbers are not considered a valid phone number:

Email must contain "@" with a domain name. Any rejected symbols will throw invalid data message:

When a new service is added, all required data should be filled with the proper information. Adding service requires the service price, category, correct title. Without a price, category, or valid service title, a new service will not be created:

A new category or editing category should not be less than 3 characters:

A new customer or editing customer should follow the above validation rules for full name, email and, phone number
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