To use Stripe as a payment method for appointments, go to BookIt Calendar > Settings > Payments. Enable Stripe and enter Stripe Publish Key and Stripe Secret key.

You can create a Stripe account on the official website of Stripe.

To collect the keys you need to log in to the Stripe site. All the keys are available on the Home page of your Dashboard.

In order to get the test key, follow Dashboard > Get your test API keys, and to get the live keys, go to Dashboard > Get your live API keys.

Copy your Keys and paste them to the required fields under the Payments tab.

When customers are booking the appointment they need to select Pay now with Credit Card option and click Book Now.

After the successful appointment request, customers will get a similar email message, where all the booking details can be found:

The admin will also get an email notification:

If you follow to Dashboard > Bookit Calendar > Appointments you will see that the payment status has changed automatically.

Please note that all transactions are managed by Stripe.

After payment is received, the appointment can be managed by the admin, who needs to Approve it.

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