Connect Staff to Google Calendar

All the Bookit plugin staff should be connected to the company's Google Calendar in order to synchronize their bookings. The additional section comes up after linking the plugin to the Google Calendar.

The staff should log in to their account and connect their profile to the Google Calendar.

By clicking the Connect button, the staff should choose the email address to which they want to connect the Google Calendar add-on.

After selecting an account, the app verification security warning page will be displayed.

The reason for this warning is that the application was not sent to Google for confirmation. It is not necessary to submit an application for review since the application will be used only inside the site for employees.

Click the Go to the page button.

Afterward, the app asks the access to view and edit events on your calendar. Click the Allow button.

If the process is done successfully, the staff's connected email displays on the Google Calendar section.

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