Import and Export

The next plugin setting is a chance to import and export Bookit data. So you can export your internal sources and import the external Bookit data to your appointment system. There are four options in this setting which will be discussed below in details:

1. Import demo content

Import demo content - You can import demo contents of services, staff, categories to understand the Bookit plugin better and know it's backward and forward.

To import the demo content, click the DEMO IMPORT button and the progress bar of importing will begin.

After importing all contents, you will be notified with the message "Import Completed"

As a result, you will get several ready data in your plugin. To check it, go to the Services section and see what services, categories are added:

There will be added also several staffs in the Staff section:

2. Import JSON data

Import JSON data - You can import Bookit data that are previously saved as a JSON file. If you have already exported a JSON file, click the SELECT FILE button to select your file where you saved your text file in the JSON format, and then click the IMPORT JSON button to perform the process.

The selected file will be shown above the Select file button with the file extension.

If the file is not a text file in JSON format, the plugin throws an error message.

Import JSON option works for importing data regarding only the Bookit plugin. It is not possible to import any JSON file with this option.

While importing a chosen JSON file into your website, you will see the progress bar about the status of an import.

3. Export JSON data

Export JSON data - You can export the current Services, Staff, Categories, and Settings of the Bookit plugin as a JSON file to your computer. When you do not want to lose the plugin data, use the export JSON option so that whenever you need those data, you can simply import them anytime. To export your data as a JSON file, just click the EXPORT JSON button:

4. Export Appointments

Export Appointments - You have many appointments gained in your plugin memory and you want not to lose those appointments and hold them safe in your computer in the format of the calendar, it is possible to do that by the Export Appointments option. All your appointments will be saved as an Excel file and you can see them in the table format without losing any data. So you can save your appointments on your computer where you want to hold them.

To Export your appointments as an Excel file, click the EXPORT EXCEL button:

Save that excel file where you want to save and check your appointments opening that excel file:

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