Changelog (Pro Version)


23 Aug, 2021
    UPD: Admin Dashboard notifications updated


19 Jul, 2021
    FIXED: Translation of several not editable strings on Product page
    FIXED: PHP errors in WooCommerce order when eRoom Pro plugin is activated


8 May, 2021
    NEW: iCal Export and Google Calendar added
    FIXED: Months translation
    FIXED: Zoom Conference WooCommerce product stylesheet priority raised


14 Apr, 2021
    NEW: Recurring addon for Recurring Meetings and Webinars
    ADDED: Products styling for Recurring Meetings and Webinars


11 Mar, 2021
    ADDED: filter stm_remove_woocommerce_email_after_order_table to unhook stm woocommerce email
    FIXED: Duplicated messages and time zone in the notification email


22 Feb, 2021
    UPD: Woocommerce tax fields appearance
    UPD: eRoom purchasable meetings for Woocommerce is enabled by default
    FIXED: compatibility issues with WordPress 5.6
    FIXED: separate email notifications for meeting participants
    UPD: Purchasable Meeting product page redesign
    UPD: Styles for embed video and for downloadable files of purchasable meeting product with selected option 'Meeting is over'


2 Nov, 2020
    FIXED: the implementation of the product page design in themes.


28 Sep, 2020
    Improvement: Support Page Integrated.
    Improvement: Enable Addon on plugin activate.
    Fixed: WooCommerce errors fixed.


31 Aug, 2020
    Improvement: created order status ‘delivered’ for Zoom conference products that trigger the email sending if meeting is over.
    Improvement: adding meeting/webinar link and password to order notification email
    Improvement: place countdown in the product main content.
    Improvement: add setting options to disable comments, Ask Mentor, and ratings for Zoom conference product
    Fixed: the notification time sending on time to customers
    Fixed: the issue showing the countdown in two columns in Zoom conference product page
    Update: Freemius SDK


25 Jun, 2020
    Zoom Webinars added for Zoom Conference Product
    WooCommerce Virtual Product option added for Zoom Conference
    WooCommerce Downloadable Product option added for Zoom Conference
    WooCommerce Product displaying Conference Date issue fixed
    WooCommerce Product page “Webinar starts in” duplicated text removed
    Zoom Pro menu name changed into eRoom Pro
    STM_ZOOM_PRO Class name changed into StmZoomPro


28 May, 2020
    Minor bug fixes


18 May, 2020
    Meetings Grid shortcode added
    Single Meeting page added


5 May, 2020
    First Release
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