Google Meet Addon

Google Meet Addon in the eRoom plugin lets you integrate with Google Meet and create Google meetings on your website.

Setting up Google Meet API credentials

  1. Enable the Addon in the eRoom pro plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

  1. After enabling the addon, go to the Google Meeting Settings in the eRoom plugin.

  1. This window will show up with the steps needed. To get API credentials, click the "Open Dev Console" or go to the

  1. Click on the project dropdown.

  1. Сhoose one of the existing projects or create a new one.

  1. This is how it will look when you create a new project.

  1. Then enable APIs and Services by clicking on this button.

  1. In the open window, type the "Google Calendar" into the search field of the Google API Library.

  1. To activate the Google Calendar API for this project, simply click on the Enable button.

  1. You will redirected to the dashboard. You need to Create credentials.

  1. Choose "User data" as the data type and proceed by clicking on the Next button.

  1. In the section for the "OAuth Consent Screen", put the name of your application and include your User support email and Developer Contact email(you can use only one email for these fields).

If you upload a logo for the App Logo section you will need to submit your app for verification and it will take some time to get verified. So you can not connect Google Meet to eRoom till the app gets verified from Google. Learn more

  1. Upon saving the App details, you will be directed to the "Scopes" section, which can be skipped.

  1. After that, you can select the OAuth Client ID. Select Web application as your application type. Then, you will need to establish an Authorized redirect URI.

  1. For the "Authorized redirect URI" go back to your WordPress admin dashboard and click Next to go to the 2nd step.

  1. You will find a link to copy in the 2nd step of the Google Meet addon setup wizard. Copy that link and go back to Google Console.

  1. Paste the link in the designated area for the Authorized redirect URI and click on the Create button.

  1. After creating the credentials, you can then download the JSON file from the credentials dashboard. Simply click on the download icon to continue. And don't forget to click on the Done button.

  1. Finally, go to the OAuth consent screen section and select the option to Make external the app.

If you have an email without a custom email domain, you should click on the Publish button on the OAuth consent screen section.

  1. In the open popup, choose In Production and click on the Confirm button. By doing so, you will enable the authorization for eRoom and Google to use this integration.

The following popup will show up If you have an email without a custom email domain. Click on the Confirm button to use the integration of Google Meet and eRoom plugin.

  1. After downloading the JSON file, go to the WordPress dashboard and click on the Next button.

  1. You will go to the 3rd step of the Google Meet setup wizard. Click on the Select file button and upload the JSON file you downloaded.

  1. Then click on the Next button and go to the next step.

  1. In the next step of the wizard, grant access to your Google account and click on the Grant Permissions buttons to allow all the permissions you want to have eRoom with Google Meet.

  1. Next, you need to choose the Google account account with which you created an app on the Google Dev Console.

  1. Grant these permissions: view audit reports for your G Suite domain, view and edit events on all your calendars, see, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar.

You may face two problems when granting permissions to access your data. To solve them, go to the Solving Problems with the Google Meet addon section

  1. Click on the Continue button to complete the integration between eRoom and Google Meet.

That's all! You have completed the integration setup. Next, you will be redirected to the Google Meet Addon settings.

Google Meet Addon Settings


Meet account status - Google Meet account status

Reset Credentials - Click if you need to reset credentials and set up the Google Meet API settings from the start.

Change account - Click this button if you want to change your account and set up the Google Meet API settings from the start.

Sync Meet Attendees - Click the "Update Calendar" if you want to synchronize attendee calendars.

Default Timezone - Choose the default timezone for the meetings.

Default reminder time (minutes) - Define how many minutes before the meetings you want to send the reminders.

Send updates - Select whom to send notifications about the creation of the new event.

Creating a New Google Meet Meeting

  1. To create a Google Meet meeting, go to the Meetings section and click on the "Add new" button.

  1. Enter a name for the meeting and choose Google Meet.

  1. Choose the option for event visibility: Private or public. The Public event visibility will let everyone see the meeting on Google Calendar, private - only for the ones you have connected to your Google calendar.

  1. Select the start and end date and time, timezone and agenda of the meeting.

Make sure that the timezone of the meeting aligns with the timezone of the WordPress dashboard so that the Google Meet addon works correctly.

  1. You can set a password to the meeting so that only users with it can enter the meeting.

  1. When you set up everything for the meeting, publish the meeting.

  1. You will get a meeting shortcode with an ID on the upper right corner of the page.


In the Shortcodes section of the addon settings, you can see the shortcodes to implement Google Meet meetings on your page.

In the spaces provided enter shortcodes. There are several options available:

— To paste a single meeting

— To specify the number of rows for the meeting grid

— To specify the meetings product grid (available only in the PRO version of the plugin).

Use IDs of the meeting shortcodes for these shortcodes, for example,49151:

Copy any shortcode with the ID from the list:

Create a page for meetings on your WP dashboard:

Type / and choose shortcode:

Paste in the shortcode you copied and the ID of the meeting and publish the Page:

That's how the page will look for user:

Adding a Google Meet Meeting to the Your Page Page

  1. Create a page on your WP dashboard.

  1. Type / and choose a block with a shortcode.

  1. To add a meeting with its shortcode, go back to the Meeting info of the meeting you created earlier in the eRoom plugin and copy its shortcode.

  1. Add the meeting ID you got after publishing the meeting by pasting the shortcode.

  1. That is how it will look on your user's page.

Solving problems with the Google Meet addon

  1. If you use an email from any organization with a custom domain name, you may face a problem while granting permission to the app you created.

This means that the organization you work for has restricted access to your account data. You need to contact the admin of the emails you use for work. Or you can use a simple email account without a custom domain to create an app on Google Dev Console and grant permissions.

  1. If you use a simple email without any custom email domain, you may face a problem while granting permission to the app you created.

In this case, Google may suspect your app and don't allow access to the data. To solve this problem, you need to verify your app following instructions from Google. Or click on the Advanced button:

Then click on the Go to your website (unsafe):

In the next window, you should grant all permissions and click on the Continue button.

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