Site Fonts

Elementor’s Global Fonts apply to sites where several pages have the same structure. So, if you want to change a specific component’s typography, Global Fonts changes all pages using that component.

From Elementor's Site Settings, you can change the four basic global typography styles (Primary, Secondary, Text, and Accent) or create additional global text styles.

Click the hamburger menu in the Widget Panel's upper left corner to access Site Settings > Design System > Global Fonts from any Elementor page or post editor.

  1. Edit Global Font Style: For any currently used text style, click the pencil symbol to choose a font option. The Style Names can also be changed. Click on the name to change it. For example, you could change Primary to Main, Accent to Highlight, etc.

  2. Add Global Font Style: Click Add Style button to add a new custom text style.

  3. Delete Global Font Style: Hover over the pencil icon for the text style and click the trash can icon that appears.

  4. Reorder Global Font Style: Hover over the font, a directional arrow icon next to the pencil. Drag your font style to the desired order.

Note: By deleting a global font style, all of its instances will inherit their values from an unknown source, possibly your theme, or your browser, etc.

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