Plugins Translation

Translating plugins is an essential step in your website localization. In addition to translating the engine and theme titles to a different language, you also have to deal with plenty of text items added by website plugins.

To translate the plugin strings, you need to address to Loco Translate once more. However, at this time, Dashboard > Loco Translate > Plugins.

Afterward, choose the plugin from the list of plugins. The process of translation is very similar to the theme translation process. Create a new language in order to translate the static strings available in the plugin.

Select a language from the list, specify the file location and click the Start translating button, which redirects you to the Loco Translate editor where you can start translating the plugin strings.


We recommend you choose the translation storage location as “System”, shown in the screenshot below.

After clicking the Start Translation button, you will be directed to the Loco Translate editor, where you can start translating the theme strings.

Please note: Not all of the English text strings really need to be translated, nor should they be translated. For example, some are bits of text your site visitors will never see as it's on your WP Dashboard area. Or, it may be strange-looking bits of code that look like this: %1$s at %2$s . You can ignore these. When finished, click the blue “Save” button.

When finished, click the blue “Save” button.

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