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Theme Options

WordPress Customize allows you to set up the general styling of the website visually. In the WordPress menu go to Dashboard > Theme Options. Here, you can set up the following:
  • General settings such as default visualization options; default Header settings, Caching and others.
  • Colors scheme.
  • Typography settings.
  • Title Box
  • Post Types
  • Footer
  • IDX Pages
General Theme Options:
  • Body Background Color
  • Header Position
  • Sidebar Position
  • Caching settings;
  • Yelp Nearby Settings
Colors: Change the main color settings of the theme.
Typography: Change the Font Family settings of the theme.
Title Box: Here you can change some of the Title Box Style settings.
Post Types: Here you can manage the settings of archive pages and post types.
Footer: Here you can change the color scheme of the footer and the contents of the footer
IDX Pages: Here you can change the IDX page templates, select the sidebar and load the styles of IDXBroker, iHomeFinder.