Test Your App on Windows

In this section we are going to describe how to build the test APK file.

There two ways of testing your app: via Android Studio Emulator or by generating Test APK.

After you added app icon and website URL you can launch Emulator by clicking on Run App button in the Toolbar.

After that the Emulator will be launched with the app.

If you'd like to test the application on physical android devices, you can create APK file.

For this, you need to go to Build > Build Bundle(s) / APK(s) > Build APK(s)

This will lead to the app building process, and once it finished Android Studio will display a specific notification in the bottom right corner.

The link Locate opens the folder where the APK file is stored. Or you can follow this path to find this file: Project folder > Android > App > Release

Another way to build test apk is to run these commands in Android studio terminal

flutter build apk --no-sound-null-safety - debug

flutter build appbundle --no-sound-null-safety - release

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