Contact Info

The Contact Info Widget is used to display detailed information about your company so that your customers can contact you easily.

Using the Contact Info widget

Go to your site and start editing the page with Elementor.

Step 1:

Select the Contact Info widget from the menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen then drag and drop it into the selected area.

Step 2:

You will get a window with the basic setting options under the Content tab. There you can edit the general information and customize the offices' list:

Then you need to edit the offices information by adding the contact details:

To make maps work you need to connect the API for Google Maps on your account, you need JavaScript API, Places API, and Geolocation API. You can follow the Google Maps Integration manual for detailed instructions.

Hit on the Add items to add/delete items.

Step 3:

Now, by clicking on the Style Tab you can customize the text color, typography, margin, padding, border, size, and many more for used elements:

In the Map section of the Style tab, you can set a custom Pin icon and change the style of the Map using JavaScript Style Array code which can be created in the Snazzy Maps service.

You can follow the Google Maps Styles manual to create custom Map styles.

Here you can find the default Map style which is used in our demo:

Step 4:

If you want to add motion effects, background, or make the page responsive, click on ‘Advanced to explore those options. This ‘Advanced’ tab is a default feature of Elementor. Give a read to this Document to know more about Advanced features and their uses.

Finally, after completing all the customization click on ‘Publish’ to see your work live.

You can switch between offices by clicking the drop-down menu.

Great job! You have done it successfully.

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