Theme Translation

After clicking the Start Translation button after creating the Companion Theme translate file, you will be directed to the Loco Translate editor where you can start translating the theme strings.

You need to select an English text from the Source text box and type in the translations for the selected language below.

Continue this step for each of the English text strings in the "Source Text" box.

Please note: Not all of the English text strings really need to be translated, nor should they be translated. For example, some are bits of text your site visitors will never see as it's on your WP Dashboard area. Or, it may be strange-looking bits of code that look like this: %1$s at %2$s. You can ignore these strings.

When finished, click the blue “Save” button.

RTL Languages

To change the theme's text to display RTL (for languages such as Hebrew), ensure that your WordPress language has been set to your desired RTL language. To do so, navigate to WP Dashboard > Settings > Site Language > and change the language here. Save changes.

If you notice any text elements that are still displaying LTR, feel free to contact us via support ticket. We'd be happy to help!

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