Translations Update

Update Companion Theme Translate File

We are improving the Companion theme in every update with new features and options. Some of them display on the front end of the website. Therefore, it needs to update the language and translation files to translate the new strings in the theme.

The first thing to do is to update the main language file, where all the theme strings are stored. Go to the Dashboard > Loco Translate > Themes > Companion and choose Edit template.

This is NOT a translation file. Manual editing of source strings is not recommended.

Click on the Sync button to merge new strings from the source code to the main language file.

Click on the Save button to save the new strings.

Go to the list of the translation files for updating the needed translations.

Select your translation file and click on the Sync button and Save changes.

Please contact our support team if for some reason the translations do not work even though you have done all according to the manual.

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