The Default Theme Headers can be set up directly from the Theme Options menu. It includes all the default header-related settings and contains Top Bar, Main, Information, and Socials sections.

There is also a possibility to build a custom header, which is described in the Header Builder section of this manual.

Top Bar

In Top Bar Section you can adjust every element displayed on the top bar panel.

Enable Top Bar

You can enable/disable the top bar on your website just by turning on/off the Enable Top Bar option.

Language Switcher

If you are going to create a multilingual website, enable the Language Switcher option so the users can easily be switch between languages.

Note: The Language Switcher option will work only if the WPML Multilingual Plugin is installed.

The WPML plugin is not included in the theme package due to licensing restrictions.

When enabling the Language Switcher you have access to additional settings:

Switcher Style allows to selecting the language switcher style between Theme and WPML styles:

The theme Language Switcher style

The WPML language switcher style depends on the WPML settings. Here you can read more information about WPML Language switcher options.

Use Show Language Switcher on the mobile option to show the switcher on the mobile devices.

Language Switcher style on mobile devices

WooCommerce Cart

Activate the Disable WooCoommerce Cart option to remove the cart from the top bar area.

The WooCommerce cart displays only in the Header Style 6 on all available layouts.

To change the header style go to Header > Main > Header Style.


Here you can provide the information for the office address, working hours and phone number. For each label, you can pick an icon, specify its size and color.

Add Office button on the bottom of the section allows creating additional Office information.

Delete the Office by clicking the Delete option located near the Office title.


The main tab contains all the options related to the header and menu.

Please note some of the options can be applied only to the particular layouts in the specific Header Style. You can find these styles specified under the relevant options manuals.

Header Style

In this section, you can choose one of the header styles.

There are 8 header styles available. Let's have a look at them:

Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Style 4:

Style 5:

Style 6:

Style 7:

Style 8:

Mega Menu

Turn on the Mega Menu option to display the sub-menu as a mega menu. On the Header Mega Menu section of the theme documentation, you can read the detailed guide about how to create a Mega Menu.

If the Mega Menu is disabled, the sub-menu will be displayed as a list:

Enable/disable the sticky menu by turning on/off the Sticky Menu option.

The sticky menu option will be applied on desktop devices only.

WooCommerce Cart

Display the WooCoomerce Cart on the header by enabling the WooCommerce Cart option.

The cart requires the WooCommerce plugin to be installed and set up.

The WooCoomerce Cart will be displayed only with the specific header style in a particular layout:

Mobile Header Breakpoint

Mobile Header Breakpoint option allows you to define from which resolution start the mobile menu displaying.


Enter the copyright if you want to display it.

The Copyright section will be displayed only on the Header Style 7 and Header Style 8


The Information setting can be applied for the specific header style. To change the header style go to Header > Main > Header Style

desktop view

The Header Style 2 and Header Style 7 do not display the Information section

The header information also will be displayed on mobile devices like this:

mobile view

Under the information tab, you can add the address, working hours, and phone number, for which you can pick the relevant icon, choose the color for it and specify the icon's size.


The social networks buttons will be displayed only if the links to these social networks are provided in the Socials tab (Theme Options > Socials)

Show on mobile

Here you can enable/disable the socials displaying for mobile devices using the Show on mobile option.

The social networks' buttons will be displayed only if the links to these social networks are provided in the Socials tab (Theme options > Socials)

In the Social Links section, you can select what social networks to display. To do so just check the needed options.