A popup is a modal window that automatically appears on a website while the user is browsing. Modal window appears in specified moment or under specific triggers and conditions. To create new Popup you need to go Dashboard > Popups > Add new:

While editing the Popup on the backend, you can set the title and after publishing scroll to Popup settings.

In the Popup Settings section, it is required to adjust the layout and customize the general appearance of the Modal window.

  • Width (px) - Exact width of the popup in Pixel (px).

  • Height (px) - Exact height of the popup in Pixel (px).

  • Popup Background Image - Background image of the Popup modal window.

  • Select Background Color - Background Color of the Popup modal window. It overwrites Popup background image.

  • Popup Border Radius (px) - Set the border radius to control the corner roundness of the Popup.

  • Popup Position - Fixed position of the Popup window where it appears.

As soon as Popup will be published the unique ID will be assigned, and this ID is used display Modal windows with Custom Triggers.

General Settings of Popups

To select a popup to display on the page, you must specify general display rules in Theme Options > Popups.

Popups Settings

The content of the Popup Modal window can be edited using Elementor or WPBakery page builders depending on selection while importing demo content.

Depending on Layout settings the Modal box will be created, and you can add widgets as you edit the page or post.

Popups Library

There is ready made Popups for bot Elementor and WPBakery page builders that can be imported in one-click in Dashboard > Popups > Popups Library section.

You can choose one and click Install button.

It is possible to import several Modal windows from Popups Library and use in different pages.

Popup windows will appear on the page according to the triggers that were set in theme options or in individual page settings.

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