Post Types

On the Post Types tab, you can configure the major settings of the theme post types.

After applying the changes, the Permalinks settings should be re-saved under the Settings > Permalinks section. It is recommended to use the Post name (/%postname%/) permalinks.

There are Services, Vacancies, Staff, Works, Testimonials, Events, Portfolio post types available on the theme. The following settings are available for each post types:

Let's have a look at these options.


Enable/Disable the post-type.

When Post type is disabled, posts archive pages will not be available.

Archive Page

Enable/Disable the post-type archive page on the Enable Archive field.

For the post-type archive pages, the settings configured under the Archive Pages > General section will be applied.

Single Page

Allow post types' posts to be opened as a single page by turning on the Enable Single Pages option.

For the Testimonials post types, the Single Page option is not available.


The Title field changes the title of the post type on the Add New post type page.

To demonstrate the following options, we will use the Services post type as an example. All of the options below work in the same way for other post types also.

Plural Title

The Plural Title field allows changing the post type title on the WordPress dashboard menu:

All Items

Change the All [Post type name] (e.g. All Services) menu item of the post type under the All Items section:

Rewrite URL Text

Replace the default URL text of the certain post type on the Rewrite (URL text) field


Also, you can change the post type's default icon on the WordPress dashboard menu on the Icon field.

Icons you can choose among WordPress Dashicons. Select your needed icon here and insert the icon name on the Icon field.

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