Archive Pages

This section focuses on the archive pages, their general settings, and particularly on Events and Shop pages.

What is an archive page?

Briefly said, the archive pages are the pages where the list of posts is displayed. The archive pages are generated to collect post pages under a certain post type, category, or tag. WordPress creates archive page content automatically and uses the default template to display the list of post types. It means that you can not edit archive pages as simple pages. You can only set the Layout view and the Sidebar position.

The WordPress default archive page will appear like this in our theme:


The settings on this section will be applied to all archive pages as post type archive page, the category archive page, and etc.


On the Layout area, you can choose the layout type of archive pages: Grid or List view

This is a Grid View appearance:

Here is the List view displaying:

Here you can indicate the Sidebar type for archive pages. There are two sidebar types: WordPress Sidebars and VC Sidebars.

The WordPress Sidebars you need to adjust under the Appearance > Widgets section by using the provided widgets.

The VC Sidebars can be created under the VC Sidebars section of the admin dashboard:

Here you can create the sidebar template and set it as you wish by adding all the available elements:

Depending on the choice you can then select the particular sidebar from the WordPress Sidebar dropdown and choose its position on the Sidebar Position field.


On the Events tabs, you can set the events Single Page Settings.

The events archive page settings will be inherited from the archive page settings that were configured above on Theme Options > Archive Pages > General section.

Specify the Sidebar Type for a single event page and select the desired sidebar depending on the selected sidebar type WordPress Sidebars or VC Sidebars.

On the Terms and Conditions Page Link field enter the text of the agreement and indicate the Terms and Conditions page link

This text will be displayed on the registration form for a certain event.


On the Shop section of the Archive Pages tab, you can configure the Shop archive page settings.

The Shop archive page will be available if the WooCommerce plugin is installed and configured.

Select the Sidebar Type for a single event page and indicate the desired sidebar depending on the chosen sidebar type WordPress Sidebars or VC Sidebars.

On the Sidebar - Position field, indicate whether the sidebar will be displayed on the page on the Left or on the Right side.

The Products Per Page allows defining the number of products to appear per page.

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