The Theme Options section allows you to set up the general styling of the website visually. In the WordPress dashboard menu, go to Theme Options. Here you can set up the most essential options for your theme.

The first tab in Theme Options is General Settings. Let's have a look at the available options.

You can configure the logo settings here.

Upload a logo file on the Logo and Dark Logo fields.

Which logo appears on the website depends on the style of the header.

The Header Style 1, 3, 6, 9 and 11 uses the logo under the Logo field.

The Header Style 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 12 displays the Dark Logo.

To change the header style go to Header > Main > Header Style

On the mobile header, the Dark Logo appears.

Set Logo width & Logo height in px respectively. (If the Logo width and Logo height are not indicated, the uploaded logo image will be displayed in its original size)

Through the Logo indent option, you can set the indentations for the logo:

Style Settings

Styling allows you to set up the color skin of your website

Enable or Disable the preloader on your website by turning on/off the Enable preloader option.

A preloader is what you see on some sites before the main content of the web page is loaded.

The preloader in the theme looks like this:

Skin setting allows you to set up the color skin of your website. There are four predefined color schemes: Default, Turquoise, Dark Denim, and Artic and Black.

If you select the Custom colors option you will be able to set your own color scheme.

Custom Base Color changes the color of the following elements: menu items text color, top bar background color, sub-menu background color,

footer background color, mobile menu background color:

some icons color, button background-color

Custom Secondary Color affects to colors of different elements like a link on hover, footer link color, mega menu icons color,

Custom Third Color uses as the Call To action background color, highlights color under the headings, icons color on the footer, buttons color on hover

Also, you can display the website as the boxed style by enabling the Boxed Layout feature.

As background image of boxed layout select one of the provided images or upload your own image.

Google API

Google API section allows to set up Google Maps and Google reCAPTCHA services.

Google Maps API key

Follow to and obtain the Google Maps API key and enter into the relevant field. To correctly display the map on the website the Maps JavaScript API should be enabled.

Google Recaptcha API Settings

To obtain the keys for Google reCAPTCHA please follow this link:

Here is an example of how correctly fill the page fields:

All the reCAPTCHA types are compatible with the theme.

The reCAPTCHA will be displayed on the registration form for events on the single Event page

Special Pages

Settings for Special Pages allows you replace default 404 page with custom created pages with Page builders.

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