A general guide for understanding uListing Wordpress plugin

uListing is a new groundbreaking plugin from StylemixThemes. If you want to create a professional business listing site on WordPress without spending a big sum, then uListing is exactly what you need. With our free plugin, you can create a listing business in a matter of minutes and you don’t even need a premium WordPress theme. uListing plugin is built on Vue.js with care and love, so to make your experience with the plugin as easy and pleasant as possible.

You can watch a video tutorial on using the uListing plugin on our Youtube channel.

uListing free plugin allows you to create any website with classified listings and lets you go as narrow as you want. Here is the list of examples of completely different types of websites:

  • Website Directories. Create a directory of popular types of blogs, education websites, news, and media platforms — the only limit for you is your imagination.

  • Business Directories. Such a type is focusing on different industries. You can list businesses within the categories by niche, location, activity, or size.

  • Coupon Directories. This kind of classified website is getting more popular today. Commonly they offer a variety of coupons, daily deals, and exclusive discounts for specific stores.

  • Job Boards. Thousands of jobseekers walk through the Internet to find a job. Connect them with employers by creating a job board with listings of offers.

  • Real Estate or Vehicle Dealerships. One of the most popular types among listing websites. If you are planning to sell properties or vehicles, you can create a directory of your inventory.

The uListing plugin is designed to simplify tons of complicated tasks. This includes category and sorting management, search and filtering options, payment features, featured listing management, and much more. This is your three-in-one solution: complete directory listing, management, and search engine.

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