Listing Types Attribute is different from the listing attribute. In this article, we will discuss the Listing Types attribute parameter which allows users to create a new listing type by giving the attributes' list.

You can review the Listing Attribute section to get details.

So, for understanding how the listing types attribute works, initially, we need to create a new listing type.

You can review the Listing Type Creation post to get details.

Then scroll down to this form. You will three columns:

  • Used attribute - you can drag attributes from the second column relatively to your new listing type

  • All available attributes - you can find there all the available attributes which you can use for your listing type

  • Add new attribute - you can add a new attribute if you are not satisfied with all available ones

Here you can see all available attributes. Drag the necessary attributes to the most left section.

Here I dragged all necessary attributes to the left section relatively to my listing type.

The dragged attributes to the first column should be in order in which they should appear on your listing page.

For example, we have listed all attributes in the order which they should:

The result of the above image is in the following image:

If you think you need a new attribute, create it from the third column.

After all, click on the Save button.

Video attribute

Among all of the attributes, you can find the video attribute type. This type allows you to add videos to listings via embed URL.

Add the video attribute to the listing.

Then paste the URL into the relevant field.