All settings for the global behavior of the uListing Plugin are provided in General Settings.

To configure the main parameters such as page specifications for list types, payments, user roles, and for setting up other settings go to the Dashboard > Ulisting > Settings.


Placeholder Image

The placeholder image will be applied only for the listings without gallery images. Choose any desired image by clicking the Select image button.

In the opening pop-up, more settings are available to create a gallery from several media, place audio and video playlists.

After uploading the needed media, click the Insert into post button.

The Save Changes button should be clicked in order to appear placeholder image in listings.

The placeholder image will be applied only for the listings without gallery images.

Currency Settings

In the Currency Settings menu, choose the currency of the selected country, change the position of the price on the site, set thousands and decimal separators, and also increase the number of digits after the integer.

Map Settings

Three mapping services can be selected provided by the uListing Plugin to navigate listings.

Learn more about setting up the maps on the Map Settings page of this manual.

Pricing Plan Settings

In this setting, you can allow your clients to delete the listings and create a new listing instead of the deleted listing of the slot.

The Revert Listings Slot option is available only after the Delete Listings option is enabled.

Delete Listings allows users to delete a listing or several listings from their pricing slot. As an example, the user bought a plan with a certain number of listings. The administrator should enable this option in order to user could remove listings.

Revert Listing Slot allows keeping the total number of the listing slot after listing(s) deletion. If the user deletes the listing and wants to replace the deleted listing with a new listing, the administrator should enable this option to preserve the user's slot. As a result, the total number of listings will be changed including the deleted listings.

Enable options, save changes and create user listings in order to see listing functionality changes.

Four functions of the listing are available from the user's side.

  • Unpublish - Unpublishing the published listing.

  • Edit - Editing the listing.

  • Delete - Deleting the current listing.

  • Promote - Promoting the listing to make it a featured plan.

It is recommended to review the New Plan Creation section of this manual to get detailed information about Pricing Plans.


Some elements from the uListing plugin can be used with other themes by simply pasting selected shortcodes on the page.

The Categories shortcode creation process is shown as an example. The shortcode divided into two parts: ulisting-category and listing_type_id.

Category name, the first part of the shortcode, can be taken from the Dashboard > Listings > Categories. In our case, the Sale category is taken. After applying the slug, the shortcode will be as shown below and displays only the Sale category listings:

[ulisting-category category ="sale"]

The shortcode of the specific listing type should be taken in order to display the Listing Type with the Sale Listing Category.

In this case, the shortcode of the Buildings Listing Type taken as an example. Afterward, the Listing Categories shortcode should be combined with the Listing Type shortcode:

[ulisting-category category ="sale" listing_type_id="10"]

Paste the created shortcode to any page builder to display the result.

As a result, three houses from the Sale Listing Category and Buildings Listing Type appear on the page.


By enabling this option, all the plugin current settings and data will be deleted from the database by uninstalling the uListing Plugin.


Here are the pages that are created and specified when importing demo content. The Page Generator option allows to create and arrange the necessary pages if the needed page accidentally removed or if the path incorrectly selected.

User Roles

The User Roles option allows creating different User Roles for the users and attaches for each of them a different amount of available listings. By default, two User Roles are available on the free version of the plugin: User and Agent.

Agent and Agencies feature is an additional tool in the uListing plugin that creates an additional type of user on your website. With this feature, the user can be added as an agency or agent.

To enable this function, go to Ulisting > User Roles from the Dashboard menu, find the Agencies module and switch on the toggle.

Expand the settings and enter the name, specify the listings limit, enable listing moderation, comment functions, and save changes.

More user role creation is available in User Role Add-on with the PRO version.


The uListing plugin can be integrated with the most popular online payment systems - PayPal and Stripe.


Go to Settings to connect your account to the plugin.

Write an Email address of the Paypal Business account and choose the payment mode. Copy the IPN URL to put it into the PayPal Business account and click on the Save Changes button.

In this step, the PayPal gateway should be set up on your site. Insert the IPN URL that taken from the plugin on the PayPal page.

To get detailed information about PayPal IPN, visit the PayPal IPN Documentation page.

If the API keys of real payment gateways are connected to the uListing, and at least one tariff plan is purchased on the site, it will be impossible to change the API keys of the payment gateway.


Go to Settings to connect your account to the plugin.

Fill the all required fields from your Stripe account.

Learn more about obtaining Publish and Secret Keys and Signing Stripe Secret by visiting the Stripe API Keys documentation page.


The automatic email notification feature is very useful for users to be informed of any status changes, newly available parameters, late payments and etc.

The uListing plugin operates with the wp_mail() function for managing sending emails. The wp_mail() function should be enabled on the server in order to properly working functionalities.

Upload the logo and banner images, and set links to your social media account.

All notifications of the Email Template Manager will go to the address to which a user registered.

Here is the list of email messages that notify users about different events and cations.

Click the Manage button for any email message and start work on your selected notification message.

Social Login

The Social Login feature is available in Social Login Add-on. For detailed information about Social Login add-on features visit the uListing Social Login page of this manual.


The Cron Settings uses to enable the auto email notification to inform users of the website about new options or changes corresponding to their saved search parameters.

To activate this function, copy the highlighted text below the dropdown list Alternate and paste it to the specified file wp-config.php using any editor.

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