Map Settings

The uListing plugin allows using three mapping services to navigate listings: Google Map, OpenStreetMap, and Mapbox maps.

Using one of these services is quite easy in our plugin layout. You can choose any map service and navigate your listings in the inventory & single layout pages of that listing type.

Go to Ulisting > Settings > Main to choose the desired map service.

An API key is required to use the Google map and an access token is required to use the Mapbox service. OpenStreetMap does not require any key.

Map element in the Inventory layout

Go to the Inventory layout section of this setting and open your chosen layout.

Choose the Map attribute given among General attributes and put it where you want it to appear:

Then save your changes and open the inventory page of any listing type and it is enough to follow these steps to use those thirty-party map services in uListing plugin.

Location element in the Single page layout

Go to the Single page section of the listing type and drag the Location element where you want it to appear:

Save your changes, and open any listing single page layout to see the result:

However, you must get the credential like API key (in Google Map) and the access token (in Mapbox). To set up the map setting itself, we will go further in the explanation below for each map service.

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