Similar Listings Settings

Using similar listings feature of this plugin, you can engage your visitors by showing properties similar to the one they’re viewing on your site. Which attributes will be shown as your similar listing is totally up to you. You will choose the attributes in the order they should be displayed. If your listing type is cars, you can choose a make, model, year attributes for showing similar cars.

Go to Listing Types section. Create a new listing type or edit the existing one.

You can review how to create a new listing type on the Listing type Creation page.

In the following example, I will edit the buildings listing type as it is the demo listing type of the uListing plugin. So, in the uListing type sections, you will find the Similar listings settings, go there.

Choose a single attribute or several attributes as you wish, so the similar listings will work accordingly to the attributes you chose. As building listing type is shown as an example, the Bedrooms attribute is chosen. So in any building listing, you can see similar ones due to the number of bedrooms.

Then go to Single Page layout settings and drag the similar listings box where you want it to appear.

Add any attributes inside this box and the added attributes will be shown in the order you added with a featured image on the left side when you are viewing the listing single page. I added bedrooms, price, title attributes for the view of similar listings.

Then go to the list of building listings and choose any building to view the similar listings. For example, there has been checked the building Home in san Francisco.

View the chosen listing page:

As you can see, there are three similar listings due to the number of bedrooms. As bedrooms, price, title attributes are inserted into a similar listing box, here this information is displayed in the order they are added and with a featured image.

A featured image is inserted into similar listings no matter what attributes are added to the similar listings box.

Let's check how correctly the similar listings worked. In order to check it, we need to open each building page shown in similar listings. As we set bedrooms attribute in similar listing settings.

So we need to check the number of bedrooms in Home in Carol Gables, Villa on Hollywood Boulevard, Shop at Southwest 186th Street:

Home in Carol Gables single page settings:

Shop at Southwest 186th Street single page settings:

Villa on Hollywood Boulevard single page settings:

As you can see, the number of bedrooms is 3 in each building listing with the same category and region.

The listing type, category, region properties should be the same so that the similar listing feature works correctly. If these three properties are the same, then this plugin feature will choose similar listings according to the chosen attribute in similar listing settings.

If the listing type, category, region properties are different, the similar listing feature will show no result even if the attribute set in similar listings settings is the same.