Listing Creation

Listing Creation can be done in two different ways: from the admin panel (dashboard) and from the front end. So, clients and admin of the website will have a different interface for adding a new listing.

An admin of the website can create a number of listings without signing up, but the clients ( simple users or agents) of the website should register and then create listings accordingly.

Admin Panel Listing Creation

The Admin has more advantages in the listing creation process.

In order to create a new listing go to Add New section of the Listings menu. First of all, it is recommended to select the necessary listing type.

Customized fields created in the Submit Form appear by selecting the listing type.

Simply fill in the required fields and save changes.

Frontend Listing Creation

In order to create a new listing from the Frontend, log in to your account and click the Add Listing button.

On the opening page, it is required to select one of the created listing types.

Afterward, simply fill the required fields and save changes.

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