Search Forms

The range of searching functionalities as unlimited search fields, autocomplete search suggestions, radius search, and geolocation search are available in this section.

Separate searching forms can be set up for the inventory and home page.

Search Forms

Search Forms are used for displaying the collection of Search Fields on the web page. Three searching forms are available in the section.

An Advanced Form is a search form for the inventory layout page.

Basic Form Type and Basic Form Category are search forms for the home page.

Advanced Form

The Advanced Form allows the creation of a new form field in an easy and effective way. It behaves as a filter of defined categories.

Searching fields can be selected to display the Advance Form on the inventory page.

After saving changes the inventory page displays several searching fields.

The Filter field on the Inventory Layout represents the Advanced Searching Form. Drag the Filter field to the building page in order to display the Advanced Form on the Inventory page.

Basic Form Type

The Basic Searching Type also can be collected from Searching Fields.

Basic Form Type is used to place a search form on your page by inserting the specific shortcode [search-form-type].

Add a shortcode to the selected page.

Below, you can see how a basic form type looks like in a search form.

Basic Form Category

Basic Form Category is used to place a search form on your page by inserting the specific shortcode [search-form-category].

The Basic Form Category also can be collected from Searching Fields.

Below, you can see how the Basic Form Category looks like in a search form.


The Autocomplete feature is available in the Basic Form Category, which predicts the rest of the words that the user is typing and showing the available results according to given custom field parameters.

In order to set up the Autocomplete feature, drag the custom fields from All available to the Used custom fields for autocomplete results.

The Autocomplete shows the results according to keywords of custom fields that dragged to the Used custom fields for autocomplete results section.

Search Fields

Seven searching options are available to create a search form.

The Search option is the basic searching field that can be paste to the inventory page. Three fields should be filled in the searching option.

  • The Label is the title of the searching field.

  • The Placeholder is the navigating text that can be replaced by particular information.

  • The Select Use Field is the field to define the searching custom field.

After saving changes, the Search field displayed on the page as shown.


The location search field determines listings by their location. The selected mapping service specifies the location after typing the location keywords.

The selected mapping service requires the API key. It is recommended to review the Map Settings page to get detailed information.


The Proximity searching option can be used with the Location field to search listings in a given distance radius.

After saving changes, the Proximity field displays on the page as shown.


The Date searching field needed to search listings by the date. The Exact Date or Date Range options can be chosen on the Date Type.

After saving changes, the Date field displayed on the page as shown.


The Range option works as a slider and searches listings on the range of defined property. The property can be selected on the Select Use Field.

After saving changes, the Range field displayed on the page as shown.

With the Dropdown searching option, specific measurements can be displayed on the search area as a dropdown. The Hide empty feature allows keeping the field empty by default.

Listings' Categories were taken as an example to display the dropdown option.


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