uListing Social Login

If your uListing plugin is a free version, then you will get the lock in this section.

After installing the social login addon, its window will be different hiding the lock:

You can customize general elements of social network settings. You can specify the title for this feature, redirect page, icon design, and login in the same browser tab settings.

Also, you can go to the Social Networks section of Social Login settings:

By default, all social networks are disabled, you can go to each social separately to enable them:

To enable the Google account, you must insert a client ID with a google client secret key.

Verification will be shown after the necessary keys are inserted:

Follow the same steps to verify the remaining socials.

To enable the Facebook account, you must insert an app ID with an app secret key.

To enable the Twitter account, you must insert an API key with an API secret key.

To enable the VKontakte account, you must insert an API ID as a secret key.

After the verification of all social networks is completed by inserting the asked keys, users can see this screen when they login to the site. Users can add these social links to the sign-in page too.

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