Preview Item

Now we have learned a lot. It is time to learn how to create the preview item, such as a grid, a list, or a map.

To do this, click on the button of the preview item.

Here you can see a very large builder. Now we will explore it in details:

  1. This is a grid view. Now by default, it is also a grid view

  2. This is a list view. You can click to see its view.

  3. This is a map view. You can click to see its view.

  4. Grid, list, and map templates are available here. You can customize the size of their columns in some views and you can select templates to display them. Since the view is grid now, a config button is for grid view. But if the view is list or map, the config button will be changed as list config or map config relatively

  5. The basic elements for displaying attributes using the Attribute Box, Thumbnail Box, and shortcodes.

  6. The general attributes.

  7. View Content.

To collect the content page, you need to see the Inventory Layout section in which we explained how to create a layout.

You can use the default built layout for each preview or you can create your own preview layouts like you did an inventory layout.

Here is the preview result of the grid layout:

Here is the preview result of the list layout:

The map layout settings are the same as the list preview layout.

The map layout will be shown according to which map you chose in your Listings Types > Settings > Main map settings.

It is recommended to review the page Map settings of this manual to get detailed information.