Single Page

Single Page Features

You can see the list of listings as a grid, list, or map view in an inventory layout page and after you click any listing, you are redirected to a single page. On a single page, you can view the details of the chosen listing and take more information about it.

In the next parts of this article, you will be aware of the creation of a single page and the result of it. But before going to that step, let's discuss some single page features:

  • Page Statistics

As the name tells us this feature gives information about the statistics of a listing. Statistics of the page will be shown hourly, weekly, or monthly:

  • Featured Listings

Featured listings option shows the created featured listing on every single page layout. But to see the featured listings, you must add its attribute when you are creating the single page layout:

Then click the feature checklist to make the listing featured while you are creating a new listing

Here is the result of a single page layout with a featured listing attribute:

  • Listing Gallery

You can insert a number of images as a gallery and show it on a single page. Insert images to the Gallery attribute when you are creating a new listing:

Also, you can choose the initial image to be shown in the gallery. For that, click the star button to make it the default image of the gallery:

  • Similar Listings

The next feature is similar listings. You can add this attribute when creating a new listing and all similar listings will be shown due to the assigned property of the listing.

You can get detailed information about the Similar Listings feature in the related post of this manual.

Demo layout for a single page

In the Single Page attribute, you need to create a single inventory page using given elements in a layout builder. The single-page attribute helps you to organize a single layout page of each listing. You can build good looking rich single pages to showcase the property amenities and supporting details like image gallery, description, documents, floor plans, and nearby facilities via drag & drop functions

You will have two options for a single page layout: First, you can create your own layout from scratch.

Or you can use the ready single layout after you imported the demo.

By default, you are given the layout "Single" constructed for the single-page layout:

The result of it:

Create a sample single page

If you created your own, then you can see the example below. Please do not forget that it is totally up to you how to create the single page inventory looks in the display.

Depending on how the single page layout is built, the view of it will be displayed

Below, you can see the example of how we created the layout.